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A compilation of information pertaining to a not-so-wonderful world where an empire of religious fanatics are seeking to rid the Earth of fantastical creatures in the north, another group of religious fanatics is trying to kill anyone who doesn't agree with them in the south, and a genius ambassador is trying to take over the world in the confusion.

Needless to say, this is gonna be fun...The Realm of Askari

The Stars!Edit

Designed by Aliath.


Aliath as Yann

Mr Waif as Azure

Erebus as Bel'Glaer

Lute as Somebody.

Kemosabe as Farrel

Falzar as Valmanway

Snowskeeper as Daenien and Draze

Rune Warrior as ... Erm, he doesn't have a name yet. Just some random dude at the moment.

Life as The Ambassador of Midland

Phoenix Rider as Amalric II and Agent Adrel

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