For many years after the Terchian Heresy, as it was called in the history books, the Apostates and their followers were on the lookout for more followers of the false One God. After many years, they found out that a large band of bandits occupied the area surrounding the Black Reaches, and that this band had sprung up when the Terchians left. They drew the obvious conclusion, and the current Lord Apostate, Aerian Inazki, set off to deal with them. The citizens begged him not to go alone, but he refused to listen. Exactly eight days passed, and the citizens began to give up hope. Then he returned. He brought tidings of a great beign of Chaos, prime general of the Seven Gods. The Daemon King, he was supposedly called, had declared eternal war upon the Lundrasts. From that point onward, any Terchians who entered the Arathaean Desert would not only have the deadly animals, the constant warfare of the Mountains, and the desert itself to content with, they would have to deal with every single Arathaean that knew their religion. However, in the records of the time shortly after the Terchian Heresy, it was said that Bael Varn, the Lord Apostate of that time period, sent his greatest warrior out after the group, a warrior twice the size and strength of a normal human, clothed in the armour of an Infernal Knight, and blessed with the touch of an Apostate. He never returned.